Dan McCrary

// drums


"Metal" Dan was brought up in a music filled house by a mom and dad who were both excellent singers.  Dan didn’t inherit that gene however.  He was destined to be a drummer.  His dad who was from Nashville, and his mom, from Indiana, were both part of the Greatest Generation, and Dan says that’s why he loves everything from Glenn Miller to Rob Zombie.  Metal Dan’s top 5 bands are KISS, RUSH, DEVO, Metallica, and The Beatles – because “Nobody will EVER top The Beatles.”  Dan’s favorite things after God, family, and the USA are music and comedy.

Jim Hallock

// bass


Jim, who first discovered the power of music in elementary school, loves playing the bass guitar, but he credits the influence of his favorite Classical master composers, like Bach, Handel and other Baroque writers, for steering him toward the instrument.  After playing with a couple of rock cover bands heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin, Rush, and The Who around the Chicago in his teens and early twenties, Jim heard the calling of the Lord and eventually dedicated his life to Him while serving in the Air Force.

Terry Tyler

// vocals and guitar


Terry is a bluesy rocker at heart who developed a strong faith and love for the Lord while growing up in  Christian home where they heard nothing but Gospel on the radio.  Then one day he saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, and it changed his world: “I actually remember the feeling of something change inside as I watched, and I knew I had to be a musician!”  Terry begged for a guitar and got into the acoustic scene through John Denver but was later blown away by Led Zeppelin, and the rest is history.  After years of traveling, trying to get a break in the “rock” world, Terry finally listened to the calling of Christ, who continued to give him songs with lyrics that will lead others to Him.  So True Revival is the vessel to get the message out.

Marcus Dugan

// guitar


Marcus grew up in a family and extended family full of local and touring musicians as well as a music store owner.  Nothing drew him in quite like the guitar, and at age 7, he finally got his first one. His mom, his first guitar hero, started teaching him how to play right away.  Marcus plays for the Venture Church Worship Band in LIzton, IN and, of course, for True Revival.  We don’t know much else about him.